Attempting to sell and Accepting Payments

Attempting to sell and Accepting Payments

Accepting Re Re Re Payments From Purchasers for Goods and Solutions

Receiving individual payments

If you utilize your PayPal account to get repayments for the purchase of products or solutions or accept donations, you have to:

  • Spend any relevant charges for receiving the funds.
  • Perhaps perhaps Not pose a question to your customer to give you cash utilising the “send cash up to a close buddy or family member.” When you do therefore, PayPal may eliminate your PayPal account’s ability to simply accept payments from buddies or household members.

Any functionality intended to enable a payer without a PayPal account to send a payment to your PayPal account, you agree to all further terms of use of that functionality which PayPal will make available to you on any page on the PayPal or Braintree website (including any page for developers and our Legal Agreements page) or online platform by integrating into your online checkout/platform. Such further terms consist of the PayPal Alternative Payment Methods Agreement.

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