Group Medical Insurance

Ensure the financial stability of your employees in case of health emergencies. Insurance solutions for the employees

Property Insurance

Keep your business financially whole even after a calamity. Protect your biggest assests including your offices, industrial units

Workmen’s Compensation

A workmen’s compensation policy covers a corporate’s statutory liability towards its employee in case of injuries

Professional Indemnity Insurance

An insurance solution for lawyers, architects, engineers, accountants, doctors and similar category professionals

Cyber Risk Insurance

A Cyber Risk Insurance cover protects you and your business from the proliferating internet-based risks. A Cyber Risks insurance


An Enginerring Insurance policy safeguards installation projects, construction projects, equipment & machinery used

Marine Cargo

Transportation of commodities or goods is innate to businesses, but risky. They are susceptible to damages or losses during

Fleet Policy

A fleet policy can cover all your company’s vehicles and drivers on a single policy.

Contractor’s All Risk

This non-standard insurance policy provides complete cover to the contractors for the property damage as well as third-party

Marine Hull Insurance

Marine industry is susceptible to distinct kinds of risks compared to other industries.

Package Insurance

We know you run a tight ship and need simple insurance products to address your specific industry and business needs.

Product Liability

This insurance policy covers the legal liabilities including the loss and damage to third-party property, injuries

Comprehensive General Liability

This insurance policy caters to the covering of various liabilities including that of Product, Public and Employer’s Liability

Medical Malpractice

The insurance policy is specifically designed for healthcare professionals including doctors, paramedic staff, nurses and technicians

Directors’ and Officers’ Liability

Directors and Officers can be held liable for acting wrongfully or illegally while performing their respective duties

Transport-related Liability

This policy is specifically crafted for organizations where most or all of the business involves transportation

Pecuniary Insurance

This is insurance of your monetary interests and covers against losses arising from various internal and external factors

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